We are aware that Coronavirus is currently a consideration for everyone given the PM’s announcements.
This can of course feel like an unsettling time when you are in the midst of planning your big day but we would like to reassure you, at Helena Fortley we take our social responsibility to protect the health of our bridal clients and staff seriously.
With this in mind, we are kindly requesting that your keep your additional guests in attendance to your bridal appointments at a minimum. We will, as always, give you our warmest welcome upon arrival but will be foregoing our usual customary hand shake based upon the standard advice currently being given.
In addition, if any of our bridal clients feel that they are showing any signs of the Coronavirus (please see guidelines here – please advise us ahead of your appointment and we can discuss whether it is best for everyone’s health to re-schedule your appointment.
Keep us informed and we will do the same to get through this difficult time.
Otherwise, we are happy to announce it is currently very much business as usual at Helena Fortley Bridal.

2 comments on “Coronavirus

  1. Roberta Dixon on

    I wondered when you think you will reopen and are you taking appointments?
    Many thanks and regards


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