A topper to top all toppers

…so I had to miss a week’s update as we were getting so busy at Helena Fortley. So many lovely brides in for fittings.

Anyway the main development for us over these past two weeks is the cake. I thought maybe we wouldn’t worry about having one, after all it is not a traditional day so we could spend the money on other Proseccos… I mean things…

When Tony heard this news he started spluttering and was slightly devastated at the idea of no cake. His suggestion was of course, that he would make it and decorate it…none of which I took seriously obviously. Until the other night when I could hear him clattering around in the kitchen muttering about oblong cake tins. This was the night he was going to have the cake rehearsal and basically teach himself how to become a baker in about two hours.

Well, I had to share the topper of me with you because I laughed so hard that I nearly hyperventilated. A squint, an inane grin, no neck and two and a half boobs, what a catch I must be. On top of that, the Victoria sponge boat I am standing on almost capsized with the sheer weight of icing on it and has recently split across the middle. I have to say it was all so entertaining that he is still going to make the cake for the day, along with the best man, I genuinely can’t wait to see it, am laughing already. A talking point I think…

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